I can’t believe there are penises trending on Max…..

Last week, the Washington Post had an in depth article about the British show Naked Attraction. I was startled to read that the show:

The U.S. trailer asks viewers: “What do men and women really find physically attractive?” The “chooser” will then winnow down from a pool of six potential dates — whose fully nude body parts are gradually revealed. Standing in colorfully lit glass booths, some are eliminated based on their genitals, or chests, and then eventually, faces. For parity, the chooser also strips down with their own naked body critiqued by the final candidates. The winning pair then go out on a date — fully clothed.

Honestly, I had to read that paragraph twice to take it in.

Being blessed with an enquiring mind, I booted up the television and turned on the first episode. (The trailer is here.) Sure enough, within a few minutes there were up close shots of penises, naked bottoms, and furry chests. One intrepid gentleman had turned his junk into a trunk–I’d loved to know how THAT decision got made.

The show is the second most streamed show on US Max. THERE ARE SEVEN SEASONS OF IT. Is anyone watching this? I couldn’t but I am super curious. Is the allure seeing all those bodies or is there more to it?

Let me know! In the meantime, I’m off to watch a very clothed Meryl Streep on Only Murders in the Building!

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