the ask@AAR: What five books would you include in the AAR top 100 poll?

I’ve been thinking, with some reluctance, given the challenges we faced in doing our last AAR Top 100 poll, about how we might do a new one. I’ve thought about starting with the last poll and then adding in all the books from our Best of lists since 2018. I’ve thought about letting readers make up the list. It’s a conundrum, for sure.

Now, before you tell me you don’t think we need a new poll, let me just say, I hear you. But, those of you who feel that way are in the minority as best as I can tell from our Google search data and the emails I receive from readers. From my perspective the biggest reason we wouldn’t do a new poll is not that it’s, for whatever reason, unnecessary or iffy, but rather that it’s a lot of work and hard to get right.

So, IF we were to do a poll, what FIVE books would you include in the polling? This list, mind you, is not the same–although for many their Venn diagram would be a single circle–as what books do you think should be IN the AAR Top 100 list.


(Here are some books I think I might pick. It’s tough, isn’t it?)

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