Another year has flown by and–I can barely believe this–2023 is almost upon us. I’m super pumped for this coming year–my husband is going to retire and I can’t wait. But that’s not the only thing I’m looking forward to.

Here, in no particular order, are 2023 events I’m excited for:

The final season of Endeavour. I’ve written about my TV crush on Shaun Evans here at AAR and the final season of Endeavour is must see TV for me. I know there won’t be a happy ending–and I haven’t watched Inspector Morse so don’t spoil me, please. Whatever is in Morse’s future, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the finale.



I discovered Leigh Bardugo this year and have read everything she’s written. I adore Ninth Housemy review is here–and can’t wait to see what Alex Stern will do next. If you’ve not read Ninth House and love brilliant world-building, snarky women, and a hellaciously smart plot, you’re missing out. When last we saw Alex and the swoon-worthy Darlington, Darlington had literally gone to hell. How Alex will get him out is anyone’s guess but whatever her solution is, I am so down for Hell Bent, the second book in Bardugo’s trilogy, which comes out on January 10th.



I’ve raved here again and again about Holly Black’s The Folk of the Air. That trilogy slays and obviously Black thinks that too because she’s written a new book in Elfhame featuring Jude’s–the heroine of the first trilogy–younger brother Oak. The Stolen Heir comes out on January 3rd so expect nothing from me until the 5th!


I loved Greta Gerwig’s adaptation of Little Women so I’m curious to see her feminist take on Barbie. The cast–Ryan Gosling, Margot Robbie, Will Ferrell, Kate McKinnon, and America Ferrera–looks fab. Barbie has never been my thing but somehow this movie looks like it will work.



Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story also looks interesting. I wasn’t wild about Season Two of Bridgerton but I could watch Golda Rosheuvel all day long. Rhimes and Quinn clearly love the alternate Regency world they’ve built and it will be cool to see what they can do when they aren’t limited by the stories the original show is based on.



These are just a few of what’s coming in 2023 that I hope will float my boat! How about you? What about you?

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