A trope, according to Merriam-Webster, is a common or overused theme or device CLICHÉ. I’m going to ignore the overused part of this today and focus on common themes in, of course, romance. Masterclass, in its earnest article on how to write a romance novel, offers nine common tropes:

1. Love Triangle (Court of Thorns and Roses, Reflected in You, From Twinkle with Love)

2. Secret Billionaire (Butt Dialing the Billionaire)

3. Friends to Lovers (People We Meet on Vacation, Like Lovers Do, Two Tribes

4. Stuck Together (The Roommate, Georgie All Along, Twice Shy)

5. Enemies to Lovers (Lord of Scoundrels, It Had to Be You, The Hook Up Plan)

6. Forbidden Love (Sinner, Long Shot, A Gentleman’s Position)

7. Second Chance (Spells for Forgetting, Before I Let Go, Tanked)

8. Soul Mates (Lord of the Fading Lands, Barbarian’s Prize, A Hunger Like No Other)

9. Fake Relationship (For Butter or Worse, A Counterfeit Betrothal, Wilder with You)

Other sites mention Meet Cute, Love in the Workplace, The Bet, The Rake, False Identity, Marriage of Convenience, and oh so many more. (For a truly comprehensive and genuinely odd list, click here. We also have tags for many of these and more.)

My favorite is a tie between enemies to lovers and marriage of convenience. For the former, I love The Viscount Who Loved Me, What I Did For a Duke, Season of the Wolf, and Bench Player, just to name a few. For MoC love stories, I adore Ravishing the Heiress, Kiss an Angel, Dukes Are Forever, and a Match Made in Scandal.

How about you? What’s your favorite trope? And if you can think of other great examples of any of the above, let us know!

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