While we had varying degrees of satisfaction around the latest season of Bridgerton, I think we all agree it’s excellent to see romance novels adapted for TV. Given how wildly successful Bridgerton has been, I have to believe that entertainment industry execs are eagerly looking for other love stories to bring to the small screen.

I, unsurprisingly, have several suggestions.

I’ve long wanted to see the Chronicles of Prydain adapted. Some have claimed this is the greatest fantasy series ever written and while I can’t say that–I am firmly wedded to His Dark Materials–this quintet, loosely based on Welsh myth, is marvelous and has one of my favorite love stories in fantasy. Taran, an Assistant Pig Keeper, over the course of the story, has adventures, finds out who he truly is, makes great friends, defeats a horrific evil, and falls in love with a princess, the supremely competent Eilonwy. There are hilarious and horrifying witches, beasts with souls, earth shaking battles, and, woven through all of this, a superbly sound sense of honor. This needs to happen!

Holly Black’s Folk of the Air books would be riveting. Black does urban fantasy better than almost anyone else and this story is just so freaking good. (I gave all three books a DIK.) As I wrote in my review of Queen of Nothing,

The Folk of Air is exquisite enchantment–gorgeous, absorbing, lavish with magic, love, and conflict. The books build on one another beautifully, each deepening the complex narrative and illuminating the dispositions and motivations of the characters. The principals here, varied and satisfyingly authentic, are among the believable I’ve encountered in fantasy.

And the romance between Cardan and Jude is sexy, smart, and feminist. What more could we want?

Given that it’s Taylor Swift’s decade, it would be great fun to see Jenny Holiday’s Famous made into something–movie or mini-series, I don’t care. An adaptation of this could explore fame, social media, female musicians, heroines who are far more successful than their partners, rural vs. urban America, what matters in art, and more. Emerson Quinn and Evan Winslow are the bomb, both separately and together and really, who doesn’t want to see a woman like Taylor Swift get a happy ever after with a truly good man?

How about making sure the possible filming of Alexa Martin’s series Playbook happens? We’ve given the books three DIKs and one B+–if you haven’t read them, you’re missing out. These stories are wonderfully done and not only for people who love sports romances–this seems like a great series for everyone, not just romance readers. Martin’s characters are grounded in their lives and face compelling obstacles. Her prose is sharp and witty and all of her love stories are viable in our current era. Martin is the wife of an ex-NFL star; needless to say, her world building is on point.

How about you? What would you like to see on the silver screen?

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