Dr. Feelgood and I just watched the final half season of Ozark, something I’d been wildly looking forward to, and it was a serious let down. I didn’t like hardly anything about it–the way the characters’ behaved, the futures they may or may not have going forward, the completely unnecessary plotlines that detracted from the pull of the original story. I’m sure our disappointment was in part due to the fact that our expectations were so high–Ozark’s first three and half seasons had been mesmerising.

It’s widely agreed that in television the worst conclusion of a much watched show is that of Game of Thrones. (People often cite Mash, The Office, The Wire, and Six Feet Under as having the best finales.) But what about romance?  What series have the best/worst endings?

I found the last original Bridgerton book (On the Way to the Wedding) to be remarkably blah. Wrapped Up in You, the last Heartbreaker Bay novel by Jill Shalvis was so bland I didn’t finish it. And, I am desperately praying that Sherry Thomas brings some excitement back to her Lady Sherlock series. Each book in the series, thus far, has been less engaging than the one before it. (This is, however, Sherry Thomas, so I’m expecting my prayers to be answered!)

How about you? What series do you feel ended badly? Why?


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