I’ve spent the last eight days traveling around the Mediterranean and, everywhere I go, the stories of past and present ethnic/spiritual/cultural tensions between nations and cultures surround me. I’ve listened to stories of invasions, of bitter conquest, of cultures decimated by sectarian war. It’s been fascinating to learn about the centuries that brought these cultures to where they’ve been and are. And though not all the stories are of division and hostility, I have struggled not to believe that we are destined to see each other as the other again and again.

I find myself–as usual–longing for happy endings. I’m longing for for stories of where people from cultures that historically see one another with animosity, learn to see each other with love instead.

So, hit me with your Romeo/Juliet love stories that, unlike the origin tale, end with an HEA.

This aside, I am having a wonderful time!


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