I’m on a cruise where, at 61, I’m relatively young. One of the things that has been lovely–besides all the stunning views–is hearing the love stories and meet cutes of others on the ship. My favorite thus far is that of Gayle and Ken who are celebrating their 50th anniversary. Gayle said, “We were 20 and wanted to live together and, back then, the only way our parents wouldn’t disown us was to get married.” I am still laughing about Bridgit and Bob’s story–they’d grown up together in a small English town and Bob was mad for Bridgit but, as she says, “I was very popular.” When she finally–at 19–accepted Bob’s suit, his mother told her, “You can do better. Marry Chris instead instead.”

I love asking couples how they met although my niece tells me that just means I’m nosy. What do you think? Is it still OK, in 2022, to ask people how they met and fell in love?



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