the ask@AAR: Who’s your favorite hero in romance?

Back in 2006 (!) we did a minipoll on favorite heroes in romance. 13 years ago, AAR readers picked, in order, Roark (In Death series), Jamie Fraser (Outlander series), Sebastian Ballister (Lord of Scoundrels), Derek Craven (Dreaming of You), Fitzwilliam Darcy (Pride and Prejudice), Rupert Carsington (Mr. Impossible), Harry Braxton (As You Desire), Matthew Farrell (Paradise), Zsadist (Lover Awakened), and Beowulf Malloren (Malloren series).

I doubt that these men would be the current top ten favorite heroes were we to do our poll today although I feel sure Jamie Fraser and Fitzwilliam Darcy would be on a current list. None of these erstwhile gentlemen would be my favorite romance hero of all time. That would be Sebastian Kennett (My Lord and Spymaster), I mean Joshua Templeman (The Hating Game), or maybe–damnit, this is hard–Asher Flint (I Kissed an Earl). (Clearly, I need to give this some more thought!)

Who is your favorite hero in romance and why? What makes someone a the best hero ever?

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