In anticipation of the upcoming Bridgerton show and because The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After was on sale last week, I finally read the latter. (We reviewed it here.) I was not impressed–So. Many. Babies.–although I found Francesca’s story touching. The last story in the book is about Violet Bridgerton and, about it, Quinn writes that while she could never write a romance novel for Violet because her love story doesn’t end with an HEA but rather, 20 years into her marriage, an death. (SHE COULD HAVE HAD A SECOND CHANCE AT LOVE BUT NEVER MIND.)

While I personally did not need to know that the Bridgerton progeny had 33 children between the eight of them, there are futures I’ve wondered about. I was thrilled Meredith Duran finally gave us the story of Liam Devaliant, the Earl of Lockwood–his was a tale I’ve always been curious about. In romance, I’d say that while Julie Anne Long gave us hints in The Legend of Lyon Redmond, I hope someday we’ll know the true nature of the relationship between Redmond and Eversea parents. But the love story I will never get over not having is that of grownup Will and Lyra.  (I hold out a stupid and beyond unlikely hope that I will get it in the conclusion of The Book of Dust trilogy.)

How about you? Is there a love story you are dying for an author to tell? Why?

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