The Best of 2016: Janet’s List


2016 was a big year for me, because I started writing reviews for AAR, which has been both crazy fun and a big learning experience. I started reading more Contemporary Romances, which I rarely read before. I’ve loved the switch, but two Historicals still made it onto my best of 2016 list. #NeverBored


royally-screwedRoyally Screwed by Emma Chase

Who wouldn’t want a hot, Crown Prince to sweep you off your feet? #HoldingOutForHarry


Duke of Pleasure by Elizabeth Hoytduke-of-pleasure

It’s Elizabeth Hoyt and Maiden Lane. Do I really need to say anything else? #JustReadIt


tapping-the-billionaireTapping the Billionaire by Max Monroe

The funniest & dirtiest romance I read in 2016. If you don’t laugh, you probably give those serious, sappy birthday cards. #HateThoseCards


dirty-for-meDirty for Me by Jackie Ashenden

Uptight, rich girl and tortured, tattooed bad boy have crazy, hot sex in a car. I can’t remember anything else that happens. #BrainBurn


Beard Science 1by Penny Reid

I never thought beards were sexy until I met Cletus. I still don’t think they’re sexy… unless it’s Cletus. #JanetLovesCletus­


For Better or Worse 1by Lauren Layne

If I had a neighbor as handsome & funny as Josh, I’d block all the building’s exits until he fell in love with me or at least had sex with me. #DontJudge


Bossman1 by Vi Keeland

I married my boss. How can I not love this book? #TrueStory  


Bittersweet1 by Sarina Bowen

No one told me apple farmers were sexy. If they had, I would have gone to college in Vermont and tried to meet one. #RedDelicious


Magnate1 by Joanna Shupe

I didn’t even know Historical Romances could be set in America. Seriously. It’s perfect, because Americans don’t know our own history so everything seems historically accurate to me. #SoundsRightToMe


Someone Like You1 by Lauren Layne

Lincoln is sexy, tortured & NEEDS someone to help him heal. I LOVE to be needed; therefore, we are perfect together. #Codependant



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