2018 has turned out to be kind of a tough reading year, not only for me, but for many of the readers in my life. Fortunately though, I’ve managed to read several stellar books amidst the mediocrity. Here they are in no particular order…

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

The Great Alone is a lovely mixture of engrossing family drama and beautiful romance set against the backdrop of 1970s Alaska. I can honestly say it’s the best thing Kristin Hannah has ever written, and the story and the characters are sure to remain with me for a long time to come.

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As Bright As Heaven by Susan Meissner

This historical novel focuses on the influenza epidemic of 1918, and is the story of one family’s struggle for survival and redemption against seemingly unsurmountable odds. Ms. Meissner is a true master of her craft, and this heart-wrenching story kept me glued to my iPad for hours. It’s a book I hated to put down.

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The Lucky Ones by Tiffany Reisz

No one writes sexy, forbidden romances like Tiffany Reisz, and The Lucky Ones is definitely one of her best. This story of adopted siblings who are struggling to lay the ghosts of their past to rest while fighting the deep attraction they feel for one another is not for the faint of heart, but if you’re not put off by a healthy dose of darkness, you should definitely give this one a try.

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A Notorious Vow by Joanna Shupe
This historical romance set in Gilded Age New York filled my heart with excessive amounts of joy. The hero is completely swoon worthy, the heroine is spunky without being anachronistic, and the sexual tension between them is almost palpable. The hero is deaf, and I was particularly pleased by Ms. Shupe’s handling of his disability in a time period when any disability was equated with weakness and undesirability.

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This Fallen Prey by Kelley Armstrong

I’ve been completely addicted to Kelley Armstrong’s Rockton series since I first read City of the Lost back in 2016. This Fallen Prey, book three in the series, continues the story of Casey Duncan, a police detective in a mysterious small town located deep in the Yukon territory. The town is populated with a dangerous assortment of people who need to live off the grid for a host of reasons. The suspense is spine-chilling, and Casey’s slow burn romance with the chief of police is bound to leave you breathless.

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The English Wife by Lauren Willig

The English language does not contain enough words to adequately express my love for this fabulous blend of romance and mystery set in Gilded Age New York. The characters are utterly enchanting, and the story kept me engrossed from beginning to end. This was my first experience with Ms. Willig’s writing, and I can assure you it won’t be my last.

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The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams

The Summer Wives contains everything I love in a historical novel. It’s a book I’m sure I’ll return to again and again, and I urge anyone who loves complex characters, beautiful settings, and lush, evocative prose to give this one a try. I’m pretty sure you won’t regret it.

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The Smallest Part by Amy Harmon

This book broke my heart in all the best ways, and that’s exactly what I’ve come to expect from Amy Harmon’s work. This novel, which is loosely connected to The Law of Moses, tells the story of a group of three friends, two of whom are destined to end up as a couple. Ms. Harmon doesn’t pull punches as she explores the loss and love these characters experience, so be sure to have all the tissues handy as you read this.

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Ace of Shades by Amanda Foody

This was the standout novel of young adult fantasy for me. Ms. Foody deftly crafts a world filled with unimaginable magic, danger, and a hint of romance. I absolutely cannot wait for the second book to be released in the spring of 2019.

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All the Little Lights by Jamie McGuire

I’ll be the first to admit that contemporary romances rarely work well for me, but there’s something so incredibly special about this tale of first love that I flew through it in less than a day. The characters are far from perfect, but I honestly wouldn’t change anything about them. Their imperfections made them feel so real and relatable. Ms. McGuire has crafted a multi-faceted love story that I want the world to embrace.

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