After discovering a love of Harlequin Historical romances last year, I began really reading them this year and tried several new-to-me authors. This is reflected in my Best Of 2021 list as three of my four favorites were published under that banner.

 A Nun for the Viking Warrior by Lucy Morris

I purchased this book because someone shared it as a joke in a reading group on Facebook and I found the blurb interesting.  Now I’m in love with Viking romances.  Gentle giants are my favorite and Jorund is one of the best: he was so sweet to Aimee the entire story.  And this was packed with so much action I had trouble putting it down.

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Stranded with the Reclusive Earl by Eva Shepherd

This was my second Eva Shepherd title this year and my second Eva Shepherd ever.  Both were fabulous, but I preferred this one.  It features a plucky heroine that can’t take no for an answer and a curmudgeonly shut-in that keeps telling her no anyway.  I love nothing more than a grouchy hero and this is no different.  This will for sure not be my last Eva Shepherd.

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Wagering on the Wallflower by Eva Shepherd

This is a fabulous tale of a feisty heroine giving her hero some much needed comeuppance after dining out she’s part of a bet he’s placed.  Its very She’s All That with a twist in historical romance form.  I love watching a hero come to realize what a gem he has in a heroine.  And I love watching a hero grovel after he’s messed up.

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Hero Wanted by Betina Krahn

Yet another new-to-me author, Betina Krahn has written an action-packed love story that I adored from beginning to end.  It’s about redemption after the hero makes himself out to be a complete jerk upon first meeting the heroine and must make up for it.  There are so many twists and turns on the road to their HEA that I could barely put it down.

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