I’m always interested to see what AAR readers buy through the links on our site and in our newsletter. After looking over the data from Amazon for our account, it’s clear this is the year of historical romance. Out of our top ten best sellers, eight are historical romances. (I’m including Sherry Thomas’ Murder on Cold Street.)

We sold fewer books this year which I suspect is due to Amazon’s subscription service, Kindle Unlimited, and to libraries putting more romances up on their online systems. In the first 11 months of 2021, we sold, via our links, 17,591 books–audio, print and Kindle. Readers paid $151,071.00 for those books and AAR earned $3013.00. The average price of a book was $4.95.

All of our top ten books were DIKs at AAR and I think all were, at some point, featured in our Steals and Deals. All are M/F romances and all but one, Kate Clayborn’s Love At First, are part of a series. Two are self-published and two were debuts.

They are:

Any Rogue Will Do by Bethany Bennett (254 copies)

Devil in Disguise by Lisa Kleypas (231 copies)

Ten Things I Hate About The Duke by Loretta Chase (164 copies)

A Lady’s Formula for Love by Elizabeth Everett (130 copies)

The Heiress Gets A Duke by Harper St. George (122 copies)

Not Quite A Marriage by Bliss Bennet (120 copies)

Love At First by Kate Clayborn (108 copies)

Murder on Cold Street by Sherry Thomas (108 copies)

Wilde Child by Eloisa James (98 copies)

Just Not That Into Billionaires by Annika Martin (92 copies)




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