Friends of mine have listened to Regina Spekter for years.  For some reason, I always equated her with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who aren’t really my thing.  Then I was listening to NPR the other day, and heard an interview with Regina Spekter, and fell in love.  I only had enough money left on my iTunes gift cards for one song, so I downloaded Eet.


Every day I leave for work, walk out of my apartment, and start playing the song on my iPod.  It’s gotten to the point that I know what lyric is next, because I always pass the same landmark when it is sung.  Unfortunately, I’m too poor to actually buy any more of her music, so I’ve been listening to some of her songs on and on YouTube.  My favorite, which I’ve probably listened to about 30 times since Thursday, is Paris, and my favorite video is Fidelity.  Basically, I just am in love with her, and feel like her music embodies so much of what I enjoy in music.   If you haven’t heard her, I strongly recommend you check her out.  I may be a bit late to the Regina Spekter party, but I’m jumping right in.

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