castle-and-beckettI can hardly believe the season for my favorite summer TV show – Drop Dead Diva – is nearly over. I’ve read this season will end with the “biggest cliffhanger ever.” Not sure what that will be, but despite my dislike of parts of the last episode (Fred caught Stacy kissing someone else) I’ll definitely be watching the last few shows. However, I also find myself thinking about the upcoming fall TV season.

As a late arrival to Bones, I’ve been doing some catching up this summer. I was very disappointed to learn that the new season doesn’t start until November 3, two long months away. However, there are some shows, both scripted and reality (yes, still a fan of many of them) that start much sooner.

I can’t wait for the premier of Castle on Monday, September 19. Last season ended on a real cliffhanger, and the previews look pretty interesting. Will Beckett live? Of course she will; I refuse to believe otherwise. Did Kate hear Castle tell her he loves her? Who will replace Captain Montgomery? Will Martha find new love?

I’m also eager for the premier of Body of Proof the next night on Tuesday, September 20. I really grew to enjoy this mid-season replacement. In particular, I liked Dana Delaney and Jeri Ryan. In the last shows, Jeri Ryan’s character began an affair with Dana Delaney’s ex-husband. Will that storyline be continued this season? And when will we learn more about the intriguing character played by Peter Dunlop?

As usual, I’ll be watching Survivor (September 14th) and The Amazing Race (September 25th) when they premier. I’m not thrilled that Survivor is again bringing back two “all star” members to mix with the new cast, and I’ll be shocked if either Coach or Ozzie wins this time. The cast for The Amazing Race looks interesting; I just hope they spend some time in Europe again this season.

Are you looking forward to any fall TV premiers? And if you watch Drop Dead Diva, what did you think of last week’s episode?


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