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The Infinity Scarf: Yes or No?

Sometimes I become obsessed with the strangest things, and at the moment it’s infinity scarves. Do I own any? No, not a single one. But I’m considering. In fact, I’ve been looking at so many online that wherever I go on the web my “pop-up” ads all now feature infinity scarves in a variety of colors and fabrics.

I should say I have a relatively large collection of scarves, and love to wear them in the fall and winter to add a nice pop of color to whatever I’m wearing. I began my collection years ago on a trip to China when I realized that they would make great souvenirs and gifts of my trip. They were easy to cram into my already crowded luggage and added absolutely no weight. Perfect. After that whenever I traveled I would look for scarves to bring home, both as gifts and for myself.

But I’d never even heard of an infinity scarf until a few months ago when I saw someone knitting one. Since then I’ve been looking at them online and in stores. So why haven’t I bought one? Well, I just can’t quite figure them out, and that’s where I’m looking for help from you.

Do you own — and wear — any infinity scarves? If so, what is it you like about them? Unless I’m missing something, it seems as if the primary way one wears them is in a loop around your neck. If the infinity scarf is long enough you can do a double loop (and maybe a triple loop?). Now with regular scarves there’s almost an infinite (sorry, couldn’t resist) number of ways to tie them.

So is the appeal of infinity scarves that they’re easy to wear? You don’t have to really think about how to tie or knot them? Or is there something else that makes them appealing? And if so, should I just buy one and give it a try? And in a related question, if you’ve bought any scarves online, what are some of your favorite sites?


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