First of all, the easy part:  Thanks to everyone who suggested books to be considered.  Now, it gets a bit more complicated.

I wanted to stick with in print contemporaries and romantic suspense.  I also wanted to hold over three titles from the last poll.  It also seemed to be fair to limit the selection to just one choice on the list from each author.

Another note: Books by Nora Roberts were suggested multiple times, but there was no consistency in titles put forward.  So, I’m going to table the author for now and see what happens in our next book club poll.  Hey, I know, there’s an impressive backlist there and choosing just one isn’t easy.

So, with the understanding that creating this poll is as much art as it is hard math, here are the books up for your consideration for the next AAR Book Club.  I think we’ve got a nice variety of choices here so I hope you’ll find a book you’d like to see on the table.   The poll is open until Tuesday, October 6th at midnight eastern time.

Date and time for the next discussion TBD, but it will be announced here soon.

-Sandy AAR

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