Now that I have been vaccinated–yay!–I have been doing less reading and watching than during the pandemic. For the past year, I’ve read several books a week (The best: Bench Player and Ten Things I Hate About the Duke and binged what seems like, in retrospect, countless shows. (The best: A Place to Call Home followed by The Queen’s Gambit.)

However, even though I’m reading and watching less, I am still doing both!

I am currently reading Last Hope Island and The Heiress Hunt. The first is taking me a while because I so rarely read nonfiction. The second, well, the jury’s out on this one. I loved the set up but, halfway into the book, want to send Maddie, the heroine, to Golden Rule School. Next up, is Klara and the Sun by Ishiguro and–I can’t wait–The Devil and the Heiress by Harper St. George. I’m watching, for the first time, Mad Men. I love the acting and the sets but, honestly, halfway into the first season I’m over the idea that everyone and every family was fundamentally miserable in 1959. Surely at least one of those suburban homes held some happiness! I’ve also started The English Game which I am enjoying.

How about you? What are you reading and/or watching?

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