Megan Frampton: An Author’s Journey

Megan Frampton joined AAR as a reviewer during the summer of 2002. Her life sounded pretty glamorous to me – living in New York and working (as does her husband) in the music industry. Some of her child-rearing questions (she had a very, very young child at the time) seemed pretty out there to me, signalling that yet another member of AAR’s staff was nothing if not unique. And she could write…wow, could she write wonderful reviews.

When Megan first came to me with her resignation, she felt she couldn’t handle reviewing as well as being a parent and heading up RWA’s Beau Monde chapter. Then too, she was trying to get published. Somehow I was able to talk her out of resigning until things became so hectic she truly didn’t have more time for us, and we eeked out several more months – and fabulous reviews.But at the start of 2004 it was time for her to go, though we still stayed in touch, and meeting her at RWA this year was a delight. Perhaps my favorite part of RWA was taking out Megan, Robin, Sandy, and Nora (Marianne was being feted by her publisher that evening) to a favorite restaurant, asking for a room in which we could be “loud,” and sharing a wonderful meal. Her husband, who’d been writing for a music magazine, apparently collected old albums, and when she named the name of perhaps the most absurd, I almost did a spit-take with my wine. It was none other than Robert Mitchum Sings Calypso, an album I’d found during high school in my own parent’s collection (and laughed like a hyena about with my best friend Jeff at the time).

That story says little about Megan but it says a lot about the friendships that have grown out of AAR. Although I miss Megan’s reviews terribly I was incredibly happy when she emailed me earlier in the summer to say her first book, a traditional Regency, had sold. Knowing how informative and popular Marianne’s Journal had been I asked if Megan might do something similar for AAR, and she agreed.

She sent me her first segment earlier in the month, which we held until her contract was signed. That happened this past week, and I am proud to present the first installment of Megan’s Journal.

— Laurie Likes Books

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