On Sunday, just for fun, we polled our readers and asked who is your favorite historical romance author and your favorite non-Regency historical romance author. 296 people voted–woo hoo!

For your favorite historical romance author of all time, you guys picked Loretta Chase by a landslide. She garnered 77 votes. So, tell us: What’s your favorite Loretta Chase novel? (And, if you ask me, it might or might not be Lord of Scoundrels. I am conflicted.)

Coming in at a not too distant second, was Sherry Thomas with 57 votes. What’s her best book? (I feel sure we will NOT agree on this.)

And in third place, the redoubtable Lisa Kleypas snagged 56 votes. Devil in Winter was the #1 book in the 2018 Top 100 Romances poll but, really, is it her zenith? (I prefer It Happened One Autumn. Go figure.)

Courtney Milan, with 54 votes was your top pick for best historical romance writer of non-Regency romance. What’s your favorite read of hers?

Next was Alyssa Cole with 41 votes–what’s your favorite historical of hers? (You can’t pick one her contemps. Sorry, those are the rules. )

Third is Carla Kelly, with 24 votes. She’s probably the least well-known author on this list. (I’ve only read two of her books.) What’s her best, you Carla Kelly fans?

Try to choose just one book for each author and, yes, it has to be a historical romance!

Share your insights in the comments and, as usual, thanks for all your input.

Stay safe and sane.

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