Books by Madeline Martin

The Librarian Spy

Fabulous books are hard to find, books that make you wish to spend more time with the characters and who make you long to find more stories that can do that. The Librarian Spy is just such a book. It is April of 1943. War encompasses the world and Washington D.C. is a city of frantic energy, with ...

How to Wed a Courtesan

How to Wed a Courtesan is a touching story about grown-ups searching for a second chance at love.  It left me with a lump in my throat, and tears of both sorrow and joy in my eyes.  It’s a rare book, one not to be missed. Charlotte – Lottie - Rossington was once a shy vicar’s daughter in ...

How to Start a Scandal

How to Start a Scandal is the second book in Madeline Martin’s The London School for Ladies series. I have not read the previous one, but I'll definitely be checking it out after reading this one. Seth Sinclair, Earl of Dalton, returns from war a broken man suffering from PTSD. He has recentl ...