WordPress tells me I’ve written 138 the ask@AAR posts.

The first one, published on September 6th, 2019, asked what did you think about cartoon covers? Reading through the comments, it appears that AAR readers were, in the large part, not fans. I’m curious–has your opinion changed about them?

The post with the most comments–and these are always my favorite–was published on the 18th of October of 2019. I asked if you thought historical romance had a quality problem and–whoa–did you have a lot to say. Many of you felt it did. These opinions then made some other readers extremely upset. It’s interesting to read the comments. I suspect that, today, we are less comfortable being so open about our feelings which, I have to say, makes me sad.

Other much commented on posts include:

What’s your topic deal breaker?

What kinds of stories would you like to see more of in romance?

and the evergreen

What should AAR do to survive?

The most popular post of 2022 asked What romance does everyone else love that you can’t stand?

Thank you for answering so many of my questions. Interacting with readers is, hands down, my favorite part of my work at AAR. You guys are the best!

And I’m curious–what questions would you like me to ask next?




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