Oh, the summer TV season.  Not exactly the silver screen’s best; it’s mostly re-runs, bad reality, and questionable scripted shows which rarely (but sometimes) make it into September.  It’s also the time I watch the most TV.  I’m done with work at 5:30, and as I’m not in classes I have little to do in the evenings.  I’m in search of a good summer show to relax with in the evenings.

I watch reruns of Bones almost nightly– a discovery during last summer’s empty evenings with little to watch.  I tried watching some reality TV, but shows like The Real Housewives of New Jersey with their contrived drama and self-absorbed narration just makes me angry.  So I’m hoping to find some luck with the scripted drama.  I’m intrigued by two comedic police shows:  The Good Guys, with Colin Hanks, and Memphis Beat, with Jason Lee.  I’m interested in your recommendations too.  Is there a show you like that’s on this summer?  What’s worth watching?

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