I’ve had a rather heated set of exchanges with my best friend Ann recently about our differing perspectives on why we read. She reads primarily to learn; I, to be entertained. She tells me “Oh, you should really pick up such and such a book about the failure of the medical system in our inner cities,” and I think hard pass. I read newspapers for news but, as I get in bed each night and pick up my Kindle, I read for joy. I wish to be transported, to be reminded of what makes life worth living. For her part, she shakes her head when I tell her how much I enjoyed a romance or a feel good novel–everyone, if you haven’t read Remarkably Bright Creatures you’re missing out on a literary hug–and tells me I am overly avoiding the grim parts of life.

Ann does read mysteries and I do read the occasional bummer book, but, in general, she and I read for different reasons. We are, I’ll concede, perhaps both somewhat extreme. So I ask this knowing that most people fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum and read both kinds of books. But I am asking: why do you read? What is it that you find you most often long for from a book? How do you want to feel when you’ve turned the last page? #nojudgement

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