As summer continues apace, many of us are turning our attention to those all important holiday reads. Whether you want light-hearted fluff, gritty suspense, or something in between, the AAR team is here to give you some ideas of which upcoming books we think you’ll want to stuff into your suitcases or load onto your e-reader, whether you’re going on vacation or stay-cation.

Tight Quarters by Annabeth Albert (9 Jul)

Okay, I admit it. Ms. Albert had me at “silver fox”. But I’ve been enjoying this series and this story of a journalist embedded with a SEAL team and a mission gone wrong sounds fab. – Caz

The Out of Uniform series has been a reliable favorite of mine since the very first book, Off Base. The last two books in the series were mostly average, and I was concerned the series had ‘jumped the shark.’ Fortunately, early buzz about Tight Quarters is very good and many of my favorite bloggers are already gushing over it, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping Ms. Albert has produced another winner.  It’s an auto-buy for me regardless! – Em

Albert is one of my favourite m/m authors and I love the diversity each installment in this Out of Uniform series has had. What makes this next release extra exciting is the presence of a silver fox because hello that is basically catnip to me. – Hollis

I’ve really been enjoying this LGBTQ series by Annabeth Albert with military personnel, retired and active, whose experiences bring unique challenges to their love lives. This one looks to be particularly intense, with an active duty soldier and a journalist who get trapped together on a mission and have to fight their feelings for each other while working to get home safely. – Maria Rose

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A Gathering of Secrets by Linda Castillo (7 Jul)

The latest in the Kate Burkholder series.  Kate grew up as a Quaker and then went out on her own, leaving the faith.  Her former religion always seems to have an impact on her cases. – Lee

I love standalone mysteries, but I’m super picky about mystery series. Having said that, Linda Castillo’s Kate Berkholder series is top-notch and I find myself eagerly awaiting each new installment. I love how the author manages to keep the series feeling fresh and exciting while still allowing readers to get to know the characters and watch them solve some harrowing crimes in Ohio’s Amish country. – Shannon

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Unfit to Print by K. J. Charles (10 Jul)

A crusading lawyer and a purveyor of pornography  work together to track down a missing youth in Victorian London.  It sounds like quite the partnership; and it’s by K.J. Charles, so there’s no question it’s going to be a fabulous read. – Caz

I love everything Ms. Charles has ever written.  This will be awesome.  The end. – Em

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A Duke by Default by Alyssa Cole (31 Jul)

It’s ALYSSA COLE. Enough said. I loved her A Princess in Theory, and my glimpse of this heroine in that book was intriguing. The heroine is a sophisticated denizen of New York City.* The hero is a struggling swordmaker in Scotland, who has recently become a duke. When the heroine hies off to Scotland to do an internship with him in weapons and armor, what do they end up forging? Metal or love? – Keira

The second part of Alyssa Cole’s Reluctant Royals series continues with the meeting of a socialite and the swordmaker she becomes apprenticed to.  A very unique-sounding premise, and Ms. Cole always brings the heat. – Lisa

Cole’s books are always a delight and this one sounds charming. A tale about a hot-mess socialite and a silver fox boss, it’s likely to please the romantic in me. – Maggie

I loved A Princess in Theory, so it was guaranteed that I’d want to read the next in the Reluctant Royals series. The heroine, Portia, was a polarizing figure in that story, a woman who made her share of mistakes. I’m interested to see how she cleans up her act in this one. And the hero is a Scottish swordmaker! Who can resist that?! – Maria Rose

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Dr Strange Beard by Penny Reid (10 Jul)

Ms. Reid has been very secretive about this fifth novel in the Winston Brothers series…but since each novel has been better than the one that precedes it, I have high hopes for Roscoe’s story.  A black heroine, second chance love affair, and one of my favorite fictional families…I pre-ordered it weeks ago.- Em

I mean, obviously I’m excited for this. It’s Penny Reid. It’s a Winston Brothers book. I need it in my face. – Hollis

Penny Reid’s continuing series about the Winston Brothers adds a highly anticipated chapter this month.  I gave the last volume a solid A and I’m hoping Roscoe’s story will be just as compelling! – Lisa

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A Gentleman Never Keeps Score by Cat Sebastian (10 Jul)

I enjoyed the first book in Ms. Sebastian’s Seducing the Sedgwicks series, and was thoroughly intrigued by what we learned about the hero’s brother, Hartley.  I’m really looking forward to finding out more about him, and this story of the recluse and the ex-boxer who wants to steal a painting sounds really intriguing. – Caz

I loved Cat Sebastian’s Turner series, but I thought the author’s last two novels were misfires.  Hartley Sedgwick was, however, the most interesting character to emerge from It Takes Two to Tumble, the first book in the Seducing the Sedgwicks series, and I’m intrigued by his backstory.  The blurb is interesting, the cover is unfortunate, and the author is/was a favorite.  I’m cautiously optimistic. – Em

The first book in the Seducing the Sedgwicks series was basically pure Sound of Music-esque sweetness and I’m so looking forward to more from the Sedgwick family, especially after that little teaser about Hartley’s backstory. Want want want! – Hollis

The premise of this is delicious: lonely, wealthy recluse from fashionable society, a black pub owner, a scandalous painting, and thievery. The pub owner wants to steal a painting, but ends up stealing a heart. Like I said: delicious. Sebastian is such a good writer! – Keira

Hartley and Sam team up to steal some paintings and fall in love along the way.  Sounds like a fun and twisty romp! – Lisa

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The Summer Wives by Beatriz Williams (Jul 3)

My main reason for reading this is because it’s by Beatriz Williams. She writes sweeping dramas with exquisite historical details and period immersion. This one promises to be captivating. Set at the crossroads of high society and lay people in post-war New England island, there’s intrigue, murder, sophisticated parties, and of course, romance. – Keira

I’ve got several of Beatriz Williams’ books on my TBR pile, but I think The Summer Wives is going to jump to the top of the stack as soon as it comes out. It looks like the perfect historical novel to get lost in, and I’m counting down the days until its release.- Shannon

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Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage (17 Jul)

Blurbs have been comparing this to The Dinner, We Need to Talk about Kevin, and even better… The Bad Seed. Hanna’s Daddy adores her and thinks of her as a sweet angel. A very quiet sweet angel. Hanna loves her Daddy. Her Mommy? Not so much. Hanna thinks her Mommy is in her way. Only Hanna’s mother, Suzette, fears there is something very wrong with Hanna. More than a month before its release, this debut novel is already garnering controversy.

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Pieces of Her by Karin Slaughter (31 Jul)

I really liked the author’s last book, so let’s see what’s next…  Andrea thinks she knows her mother Laura better than anyone. Until violence interrupts at a mall, exposing her mother’s secrets. Not long after, someone from the past tracks Laura down and shoots her. Whoah! This one sounds at least as exciting The Good Daughter.

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Sea Witch by Sarah Henning (31 Jul)

A young adult novel about mermaids? From the Katherine Tegen Books imprint no less! I think I want it already. Wait. It’s also the origin of the villainess from  Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid? It’s also set in Denmark in the 1800s? And there’s a love story? Click!

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Firestorm by Rachel Grant (10 Jul)

Woohoo!  The third book in Rachel Grant’s fabulous Flashpoint series is out this month and it’s another book I’m really eager to get stuck into.  The author’s blend of politically astute, high-octane, steamy romantic suspense has become one of my favourite cocktails!

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Imperial Stout by Layla Reyne

I enjoyed Ms. Reyne’s Agents Irish and Whiskey novels, and was really pleased when she announced her next romantic suspense stories would feature two of the major secondary characters from that series.  A dangerous undercover op, a kidnapped witness… I’m looking forward to this first book in the Trouble Brewing series. – Caz

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The Duke I Tempted by Scarlett Peckham (31 Jul)

This is the début novel from Scarlett Peckham, a recent Golden Heart RWA finalist.  Débuts are often hit-or-miss, but I’m curious about Ms. Peckham’s twist on traditional gender roles – she’s an alpha heroine, he’s a duke who enjoys submitting – and I’ll let you know what I think in my  (upcoming) review.

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Ravensong by T. J. Klune (31 Jul)

Wolfsong, the first book in the Green Creek series, was my favorite book of 2016.  I loved everything about it – and I went on an author glom the moment I finished it.   In Ravensong, we learn more about Gordo Livingstone, a pivotal secondary character in Wolfsong who acted as a father figure to Ox.  Abandoned by the Bennett pack as a young man, Gordo found solace in Green Creek – until the pack returned and he was forced to help them once again. Second chance love, redemption…and magic.  Ravensong is one of my most-anticipated novels of 2018.

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What We Were Promised by Lucy Tan (10 Jul)

This is a début book by a Chinese-American author. Born in China and educated in America, a Chinese family moves back to China into the nouveau riche society of Shanghai. The wife is no longer working, the husband isn’t too pleased with his job, and there’s stress in the marriage from the wife’s unvoiced feelings for the husband’s brother. All these tense events are observed through the eyes of their silent housekeeper.

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Forbidden Night with the Prince by Michelle Willingham (17 Jul)

The heroine’s cursed! Three betrothals have ended in each groom’s deaths. Who in the world would get engaged to her, much less marry her? Only one brooding Irish prince is willing to risk his person, because the advantages outweigh the risks. I have enjoyed some of Michelle Willingham’s work before, and I’m looking forward to this one.

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Ghosted by Rosie Walsh (24 Jul)

Ms. Walsh wrote four previous incredibly intriguing women’s fiction/mystery novels under the name of Lucy Robinson.  This is the first under her real name.  Boy meets girl and they fall in love; he’s going on a trip and says he’ll call her from the airport.  He never does.

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The Romanov Empress: A Novel of Tsarina Maria Feodorovna by C.W. Gortner (10 Jul)

It’s rare that a Romanov novel assume the point of view who’s not the lost Anastasia.  This one takes place before the Russian Revolution and is from the point of view of Maria, Nicholas’ mother, which is interesting enough to have won a pre-order from me.

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Veins of Gold by Charlie N. Holmberg (17 Jul)

In this interesting mix between the supernatural and a western, an abandoned orphan must chose between marrying for money or trusting in the magical power of a divinater whose riches come from more than gold.  Sounds fascinating!

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Caught In Time by Julie McElwain (3 Jul)

The third volume in this mystery series about time-displaced FBI agent Kendra Donovan sees her traveling with the Duke of Aldridge through Yorkshire, where she becomes enmeshed in the Luddite rebellion.  The whole series has been great so far, I’m sure this one won’t disappoint.

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Spinning Silver byNaomi Novik

Novik’s Uprooted was a fabulous fairy tale retelling and I am counting on this one to be equally good. This latest novel tackles Rumpelstiltskin in a new and exciting way and I can barely contain my glee.

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The Fourth Summer by Kathleen Gilles Seidel

I’ve read all of Ms. Seidel’s previous works and am so excited she has started writing again.

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Maria Rose:

Mr. Hotshot CEO by Jackie Lau (10 Jul)

I laughed a lot when I read Jackie Lau’s first romance in her Kwan Sisters series, Grumpy Fake Boyfriend. It starred an introverted science fiction writer and had a best friend’s sibling trope and delivered a story with high heat and humor. I’m hoping that this second in the series is just as good.

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Playing Hurt by Kelly Jamieson (17 Jul)

Kelly Jamieson knows hockey inside and out, and it shows in her various hockey romance series. Playing Hurt, the latest in her Aces Hockey series has a topical premise – a twitter flirtation between a player with a bad boy reputation and a pop star – that looks like a fun read, but will no doubt contain some emotional scenes on the way to their HEA.

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A Wolf Apart by Maria Vale (31 Jul)

I’ve heard lots of good things about Maria Vale’s début PNR story The Last Wolf, so I didn’t want to miss the chance to read her upcoming story A Wolf Apart. I read mostly contemporary romance, but when the opportunity presents itself, I like to switch up my romance genres and shifter romances are one of my go-to palate cleansers.

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An Unwanted Guest by Shari Lapena (26 Jul)

Shari Lapena’s latest novel looks like exactly the kind of spine-tingling read I’d love to curl up with during a summer thunderstorm. It’s the story of a group of strangers vacationing at a remote inn. A terrible storm sweeps through, trapping everyone at the inn, and then, the first body is found. I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.

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Believe Me by J.P. Delaney (24 Jul)

I wasn’t nuts about J.P. Delaney’s debut novel, but the synopsis of Believe Me caught my eye a few months ago. Who doesn’t want to read about an actress doing her best to play both sides of an ongoing murder investigation? I’m definitely ready and waiting for it to be released.

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* Keira asked that this sentence be changed to be clear that she was referring to someone who lives in the big city.

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