In 2022–including this one!–AAR has published 52 the ask@AAR columns. Many of these generated lots of comments. Readers had the most to say about their pet peeves in romance, trigger warnings in reviews, the election issues they felt the most passionately about, and romances that most love but that readers emphatically did not. Other topics were clearly not engaging: our posts about the best party every attended, thoughts on Kristan Higgins, Romeo and Juliet retellings, and a discussion of our new Power Search all garnered fewer than ten responses.

It was a good year for commenting kindness towards others. In 2020 and in 2021, there were many times we had to ask people to retract or reframe a comment because it came across as a personal attack. In 2022, that happened only five times. For this, I thank and applaud you all.

The ask@AAR column is one of the most popular features at AAR. In 2022, the most read ask was our post about trigger warnings followed by the one about favorite long series. The average ask post gets around 750 views and has an average of 30+ comments.

Looking forward, I’d like your feedback. What questions would you like to see the column raise in 2023?

Happy New Year to you all!! Here’s to many a great read in 2023!

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