Blythe Barnhill:
The results of our 2000 Cover Contest are in! It’s been a long journey to get to these results, and the winning covers truly deserve their kudos. The Coverballot Committee considered over 350 nominated covers, and reduced the nominations to ten covers for each ballot. We had 450 votes from readers, authors, and even cover artists, on these six ballots. Even a nomination is an honor, and those covers at the top are truly the best of the best (or in one case, the worst of the worst!). Publishers and art departments take note: the readers have spoken, and they had plenty to say.

AAR would like to thank everyone who participated in the contest by nominating covers and by voting, and especially thank the coverballot committee for all their hard work. In order to provide a single voice to the narrative commentary for these results, much of the analysis of individual category heads, in particular, Mary Lynne Nielsen and Jaycee Muhlhauser, was subsumed into the final column you’ll be reading. While all the committee members throughout the year nominated covers, engaged in discussion about them so that the number of covers could be whittled down to a final slate, category heads such as Mary Lynne and Jaycee went above and beyond the call of duty in providing analytical and other background material for this column. And, in addition, we cannot forget the hard work of Teresa Galloway for her expertise in creating the format of the ballot and the graphics.

When you’re done looking at the results, please post your comments to our Potpourri Message Board.

Without further ado, the winners:

Cover artist: Franco Accornero

Cover artist: Unknown

Cover artist: Boris Zlotsky;
Design: Amy Halperin

Cover artist: Alan Ayers; Stepback artist: Franco Accornero

Cover design: Lisa Litwack.
Cover photo: Tony Craddock/Tony Stone Images

Silhouette Intimate Moments
Cover artist: Chris Notarile

Silhouette Intimate Moments
Cover artist: Unknown

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The 2000 Cover Ballot Committee:

  • Lisa Baca
  • Blythe Barnhill
  • Elizabeth Benway
  • Marlene Breakfield
  • Lori-Anne Cohen
  • Rebecca Ekmark
  • Teresa Galloway
  • Mary Alice Gibbons
  • Linda Hurst
  • Jennifer Keirans
  • Elaine Lee
  • Tobi Liedes-Bell
  • Sandi Morris
  • Jaycee Muhlhauser
  • Mary Lynne Nielsen
  • Christine Peterson
  • John Rothermel
  • Laurie Shallah
  • Claudia Terrones