How to use tags instead of our Special Title Listings

We haven’t updated our Special Title Listings since 2016, but that doesn’t mean we’re not committed to making AAR the best place to find the kinds of stories you want. It’s more searchable and more up-to-date to put this function into our new tags. Many of the tags correspond to the old Special Title Listings categories. Sometimes it’s a tidy exact match; sometimes there are multiple tags for one former Special Title Listing, and sometimes, well, there isn’t a tag that matches up. We’re all volunteers and we can’t get to everything!

If you liked the old STLs, here is a list of tags most likely to help you find the romance novel you’re looking for. The best way to search for these is to go to our new Power Search 2.0 and just type the tag into the search bar! You can also scroll down on the left where you see list of tags and check the tag you want, but that list is only some of our most common tags and may not contain what you’re specifically looking for.

Across the Tracks

  • Comparable tag: Cross-class romance (cross-class lovers)

Addiction Romances

  • Addiction

Adventure Romances

  • No direct tag match; you may find what you’re looking for under road romance, dystopian romance,

All in the Family

  • No comparison

Alternate Reality

  • Alternate Reality is a genre option

Amazing Animals

  • Dogs, horses

American Indian

  • No comparable tag; included under PoC tag

Amnesia. . . Or Not?

  • Amnesia

Angels, Demons & Gods

  • Angels, Demons, Gods and Goddesses

Arranged Marriages

  • Arranged marriage

Beauty is in the Eye. . .

  • No comparable tag

Best Enemies

  • Enemies to lovers

Beta Heroes

  • No comparable tag

Big City Contemporary Romance

  • Individual major cities have tags. We try not to tag this unless the setting is significantly developed in the story. See, for instance, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Vancouver, Toronto, Shanghai, Edinburgh, Paris, Boston, Venice

Bluestockings & Feminists

  • No direct tag, but many feminist heroines will be included under activist heroines or suffrage.

Cabin & Road Romances

  • Cabin romance, road romance


  • No comparable tag

Christmas Romances

  • Non-Christmas holidays can be found as Holiday Romance, or under some of them as we get enough, ex. Hanukkah, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, New Year’s Eve

(Not Your Usual) Conflict

  • No comparable tag

Cons, Burglars & Pickpockets

  • Cons and frauds, thief, thief hero, thief heroine

Courtesans, Mistresses & Prostitutes

  • Mistress, sex worker

Courtroom Dramas

  • Lawyer, law enforcement, FBI

Cross-Dressing & In Disguise

  • Cross-dressing, mistaken identity

Disabilities in Romance

  • Disability, chronic illness, mental illness; certain individual tags ex diabetes, wheelchair, epilepsy, depression, anxiety, deaf, blind, and chronic pain

Experienced Heroines & Femmes Fatales

  • No comparable tag

Fairy Tale Romances

  • Fairy Tale (general); individual tales as tropes: Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, Robin Hood trope

Favorite Funnies

  • funny

For the Love of God

  • clergy


  • Friends to lovers, childhood friends to lovers

Green Romance

  • Environmentalism, National Parks

Guardian/Ward Romances

  • No current tag

Held Captive

  • kidnapping

Heroes in Pursuit

  • No comparable tag

Heroines in Pursuit

  • No comparable tag

History 101

  • No comparable tag


  • Criminal record (for both innocent and guilty people convicted of a crime)

Inter-Ethnic Romances

  • Interracial romance. We don’t specifically have a tag for inter-religious romance. You can find Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, LDS, Amish, and Sikh protagonists at those tags, but the story may not be inter-ethnic.

The Limelight

  • Specific occupation tags ex. Rock star, rock star hero, actor/actress, reality tv, film/tv making

Luscious Love Stories

  • Mild d/s, BDSM, menage. You can also sort by heat level to get “hot” or “burning” romances.

Marriages of Convenience

  • Marriage of convenience

May-Dec/Dec-May Romances

  • Age gap, Older heroine (in an m/f romance, the heroine is older than the hero)

Met as Children

  • Childhood friends, childhood sweethearts, second chance romance

Nerds & Absent-Minded Professors

  • Genius, teacher

Older Couples

  • Older couple (for both protagonists ~over 40). Older heroine means that the heroine is older than the hero; she may or may not be over 40.

One Foot on the Floor

  • No comparable tag. Try “N/A ,“Kisses”, or “Subtle” in our heat ratings.

Opposites Attract

  • Opposites attract, enemies to lovers

Perfect First Spouses

  • Widow, widower

Pirates, Sheiks & Vikings

  • Pirates, viking.

Plus-Sized Heroines

  • Plus-size heroine

Point of View

  • No tag for narrators, but we do have epistolary

Rakes & Rogues

  • No comparable tag (it would be too full!).


  • Second chance romance

Royalty in Romance

  • royalty

Scots & Irish Romances

  • Scotland, Ireland. For Scotland during the Risings you may also try Jacobite. Edinburgh has its own tag.

Secondary Romance

  • No comparable tag

Shotgun Weddings

  • No comparable tag

Special Settings

  • Unusual Setting. In lieu of just lumping settings into “special,” I’ve tried to tag them by their actual location. Try typing a place you are interested in into the tag bar (Australia, Japan, Caribbean, Philippines, Korea, Mexico, Russia, Germany, Italy, Vietnam, etc) and see if it comes up.

Spies, P.I’s & Warriors

  • Spy, private investigator, barbarian, knight, Navy SEAL

Sports Romances

  • Sports romance, athlete, athlete hero, athlete heroine. Olympian, Olympian heroine. You can also find individual sports, including hockey romance, rugby, basketball, baseball, football, soccer, ice skaters

Suspense & Mystery

  • Try the genre tags, “Romantic suspense” or “Mystery.”

Teachers & Governesses

  • Teacher (currently includes university professors but could later be revised), governess

Time Travel

  • Time travel romance; this is also a genre tag.

Tormented Heroines

  • No comparable tag, try grief or PTSD

Tortured Heroes

  • No comparable tag, try grief or PTSD

Troubled Marriages

  • Troubled relationship (for couples starting the story in a long-term relationship with or without marriage), troubled marriage (specifically for married couples). The key is that in both cases the conflict is about fixing a relationship instead of courting. You may also find stories of interest in second-chance romance.


  • twins

Two-Hanky Reads

  • tearjerker

Unrequited Love

  • No comparable tag

Unusual Professions

  • Unusual occupation


  • No comparable tag

Virginal Heroes

  • Virgin hero


  • Try specific conflicts such as English Civil War, Jacobite, Napoleonic Wars, American Revolution, War of 1812, Crimean War, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, Vietnam War

Young Adult Fiction

  • See the genre tag Young Adult


~ Caroline Russomanno

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